Just the Gist

Welcome friends!

Thank you so much for taking time out of your precious day to sit and chat with me! I definitely want to create a family environment here, so I am going to start by sharing a little bit about me!

My name is Alexa Rukstela, and I believe in fitness. I believe fitness can conquer all, and I am so rooted in that belief that I want to create a wealth of knowledge capable of providing the everyday plain Jane with the knowledge to free her inner athlete.

My passion is fitness, however; my other talents include painting, writing, reading, and eating (lawlz). My favorite color is orange (the kind that fills the sky at sunset because LIFE), and my spirit animal is a hippo because I aspire to be cute and adorable enough to captivate everyone with a heart, but also be strong and badass enough to run the African plains, ya feel?

I am currently a waitress at an uppity restaurant with a few side hustle online PT clients and a few hours at a gym every now and then. I am taking my first steps into becoming who I need to be, and I am beyond ecstatic that I have the support of all my new friends along the way (PSST….that’s you!)

Definitely leave me some comments, sign up for my email so we can be penpals, and let’s get this thing started!

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