FYIA Training

Free Your Inner Athlete with Me!


My Qualifications:

  • 3 years of personal experience training myself, friends, and family online and some in the gym
  • ELITE Trainer with the ISSA (personal training, fitness nutrition, strength and conditioning, and soon to be corrective exercise)
  • Majoring in Exercise Science with a specialization in Personal Training
  • Constantly learning from others (coached by elites in the fields of powerlifting and bodybuilding)

Your Qualifications:

  • As an athlete, I need you to want this. I value my time (and your money) enough to protect my reputation by not taking clients who are unable to give their transformation the attention it deserves.
  • Athletes should be open; I cannot help you if you do not lead me in the right direction. An honest history of what you and your body have gone through, an honest weigh in, etc. I will not judge you EVER…but I do need you to be honest so we can grow as a team.
  • FYIA athletes should have FUN! This is a lifestyle, not a prison camp. If at any point you dread going to the gym, I need to know ASAP because I am failing you once that happens. This just goes with being honest, but I needed to add in the happiness aspect…because fitness is HAPPY!

What is included in FYIA training?

  • In PERSON, personal training can be done with me if you live near Saint Augustine Beach, Florida
  • Completely customized training programs based on your stats, history, prior injuries, goals, lifestyle, gym access, experience, etc.
  • Customized cardio regimen (yes, cardio, Fat Amy from Pitch Perfect)
  • Weekly (or more frequent depending on who you are and what we have determined) check-ins to ensure progress, to monitor wellness levels, share personal wins, and maintain accountability…all the goods!
  • Access to me at ALL times! FaceTime, phone calls, texting, email, facebook, insta, address if you like being pen-pals, smoke signals if that’s what you’re into–whatever you need to feel like I am there for you always (because I am)
  • Multi-goal specific: whatever you want to do, we will make it happen.


Packages (based on a $5 a day average)

  • 1 week trial run with me: $35
    • 100% money back guarantee if you participate to your highest capability and do not end up LOVING me or any part of our program. I do not want to train you if you do not want to be trained by me!
    • If you end up liking our vibes, this money will go towards whatever package you choose
    • I only charge for this because I feel it’s important for YOU to put some skin in the game…this helps you give it your all
    • Will not refund if you do not give it a fair shot, because honestly I put my heart and soul into programs, and it hurts when clients take advantage of my time, ya feel?
  • 4 weeks: $110 ($4 a day)
    • I recommend this to 100% beginners; if you are a seasoned athlete, do not expect to see groundbreaking changes in 4 weeks…for beginners, you get newbie gains so this will most likely be enough to make a noticeable difference
  • 8 weeks: $175 ($3.10 a day)
    • I recommend this for a loose body/mind focused goal; fitting into clothing better, noticing new muscles, feeling more energized in the gym, etc.
  • 12 weeks: $200 ($2.38 a day)
    • I recommend this if you have a numerical goal, such as lose __ amount of pounds or putting pounds on a total. This lets you go through an entire training cycle for fuller results

Nutrition training

I am a Fitness Nutrition Specialist with the ISSA and I believe in finding a sustainable “diet” lifestyle for you.

*note: being on a diet is not always eating bunny food and making smewwwthies 5x a day, and if you think it is, PLEASE sign up for my program.

What is included?

  • Diet customized to transform your diet from where you are to where you and your body want you to be based on your stats, lifestyle, history, exercise frequency and mode, and more (can’t give away allllll my goodies!)
  • Weekly check-ins with diet adjustments, education, tips and tricks, recipes, suggestions, and support to reach your goal in the most healthy, sustainable way possible (sorry, no fit-teas here!)
  • Weekly prescribed cardio on a need basis (need being your heart health, your physical health, your mental health, and our goal at hand)
  • (Repeat from above training) Access to me at ALL times! FaceTime, phone calls, texting, email, facebook, insta, address if you like being pen-pals, smoke signals if that’s what you’re into–whatever you need to feel like I am there for you always (because I am)

Pricing (Based on a 3.50 a day average)

  • 1 week trial period: $24.50 (COMPLETELY REFUNDABLE AS STATED ABOVE)
  • 4 weeks: $85
    • I recommend this if you want to just get a push in the right direction
  • 8 weeks: $125 (That’s literally a coffee a day)
    • I recommend this if you want to be educated on diet and see how different foods affect you as an individual
  • 12 weeks: $165 (That is 1.96 a day)
    • I recommend this if you want a complete diet overhaul with the power to learn how to master your diet, breakthrough plateaus, enjoy your relationship with food, and still crush your goals

Combo Packages!

Diets work when you exercise, exercise is fueled by diets…it makes sense that they are besties, so why not couple them TOGETHER for the longhaul? So instead of the $8.50 a day….

  • 4 weeks: $175 (6.25 a day)
  • 8 weeks: $250 (4.46 a day)
  • 12 weeks: $300 (3.57 a day)



Contest prep may be offered to bikini competitors only. I only train 3 NPC bikini-girls at a time due to the amount of attention and dedication that is required on behalf of both the athlete and the coach. Applicants should head to the “Let’s Be Friends” page and fill out their name and email, and I will get back to them with a questionnaire, and then follow up with a FaceTime or Skype call to ensure we can achieve success together.

*Note the amount of time I take out to make sure we can be successful TOGETHER! I do not take prep lightly, and neither should you!

Kindness Always,